About Us

Who are we?

Since 1993 we have been making it easy for Canadians to get into the cars they want at a budget they can afford. Our team of financing specialists excel at achieving the best rates for client’s, whether their credit is good or bad and has been declined by other lenders due to bankruptcy, divorce, new to the country, poor finance management, or simply no credit at all. If you are stuck in a situation with car payments higher than you want, or have been experiencing one declined finance application after another, ACC Auto Credit Canada (ACC) is the company who can change the situation for you and get you the payments and the vehicle you want. Understanding your individual circumstances, our financing specialists zero in on getting the rates that are best for you according to your needs, regardless of your past and/or present credit challenges. With the help of our automotive lending partners and network of approved automotive dealers, ACC has distinguished itself as a leader in automotive finance, recognized across Canada for approving over $250 million in auto loans.

Our Lending Team

Ensuring our client’s always have access to the most competitive interest rates and the most viable offerings is possible through our strong relationships with North America’s largest lending institutions. By ACC’s ability to provide competitive automotive finance rates and in turn the lowest payments, our lending team ensures you receive an opportunity to re-establish your credit, which puts your future rating in better standing. Teaming up with lenders such as Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust, Desjardin, Scotia Bank, Royal Bank, HSBC, local credit unions, as well as other specialized automotive lenders, our financing specialists guarantee a consistent balance of competitive options for our client’s.

ACC’s Approved Dealers

ACC, through partnering with specially selected, certified and reliable automotive dealers, is able to offer some of the highest quality vehicles in Southern Ontario. All vehicles are E-Tested, Certified and come with a 1 year Powertrain Warranty and Service Contract. Peace of mind, incredible value and honest business ethic is what makes our network of automotive dealers stand apart from the rest. ACC welcomes you to browse the inventory on the website in the search for the perfect vehicle for you, and once you have located it, ACC’s team of specialists can get to work on getting you approved and behind the wheel. Remember, not all vehicles are listed, as the inventory changes daily and there are hundreds of vehicles available through our network of approved dealers. If you do not see the vehicle you had your heart set on, please let our team know so they may work at locating the vehicle for you. Once they find it, your representative will guide you through your options to make that vehicle your own.